How to Fix Error 002 on Wii

Gamma and/or SoftChip users:
1. Just use HBC friendly Gamma002fix_r2 launcher provided by WiiPower using a 1:1 copy.
2. Just use the latest SoftChip rev compiled and enable the “Remove 002 error” using a 1:1 copy.
3. For DKJB force the language to Japanesse.

Modchip users:
1. Install the IOS requested by the game in your Wii with Wad Manager if you happend to have a good modchip, or…
2. Use WiiPower’s modification of GeckOS (GeckOS_002fix_v3); Or QLeap’s GeckOS 1.7b for cIOS wich also has the 002fix on the fly with the cIOS PatchMii Installer.
3. Modchip users can also use SoftChip and select the correct IOS, and/or enable the 002 fix.
4. After results, post your configuration HERE

You can also run the games thru the Disc Channel if prefer, but you need to….

Patch the .iso before burning:
1. Get bailli’s Generic Wii Patcher 1.2 from HERE
2. Extract the main.dol from the .iso, partition 2, with your prefered aplication (WiiScruber or Trucha Signer) <–if you need visual help
3. Patch it with the Generic Wii Patcher 1.2 (search and remove 002 error, and ONLY for DKJB you also need to force to JP the language detection)
4. Put the patched main.dol into the .iso (replace)
5. Fake sign the .iso (right click over the partition 2 and trucha sign it; WiiScruber auto-sign when the file is replaced)
6. Burn the .iso

If you want to patch your .iso, I would really recomend you to use the WiiPower’s toy r3 and a 1:1 copy first to patch the main.dol, after you confirm the patched main.dol works, then burn the .iso with the patched main.dol, it is better to have a 1:1 copy and a patched copy, than have 5 -6 -7 bad patched copies lecture.gif

WiiPower’s toy usage:
1. Press A to load the game and it will ask you to press -/+ to save/load the main.dol to/from your SD or A to continue, so press – (minus)
2. Insert the SD on your PC and open bailli’s GWP 1.2
3. The main.dol is found in SD:/SoftChip/RX9E/main.dol (RX9E is for NFS: U NTSC-U, each game will have is own GameID)
4. Search and Remove the 002 error from the main.dol, save it and close GWP 1.2
5. Insert again the SD on the Wii and start WiiPower’s Toy r2
6. Press A to load and this time when it ask you to press -/+, we want to load the main.dol, so, press + (plus)
7. If the game starts right without the blue screen with 002 error in it, then you can use the main.dol in your SD to patch your .iso and burn it

Also check…
AutoBoot .dol’s by Nicksasa
Original Gamma002fix_r2.dol and source
Channels with 002 fix

ENJOY…..!!! smile.gif

I just copy/paste what WiiPower wrote on the other thread, and modify it a little biggrin.gif

Thanks to QLeap to find this out and share it to us, and his version of GeckOS 1.7b
B@iLLi to make the GWP 1.2
Raiyu245 for the visual help
WiiPower for his GeckOS, SoftChip and Gamma loaders with the fix
mixinluv2u for comfirm the IOS55 for some ModChip users
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