Bannerbomb exploit, in 5 steps (4.0 Compatible)
Wii4everybody does not in any way take responsibility for any damage that may be inflicted upon your console or computer, from external sites/software. Do so at your own risk!

Recently released by Comex, this new exploit allows Wii owners to install the Homebrew Channel, or boot any .dol/.elf compatible Wii file, on their console. This WILL, I repeat, WILL work to install homebrew on the latest 4.0 Wii System Menu!

Unlike the previous stack failure exploit of the Twilight Hack, Bannerbomb causes a malformed banner to crash the Wii and run code to load the boot.dol/elf placed in the root of the SD card.
This means the exploit requires less preparation and is even more user friendly than the infamous, Twilight Hack – Only 5 simple steps!

1. Take your SD/SDHC (menu 4.0) card, and backup your ‘private’ folder or rename it on the SD card.
2. Download this file, and extract to root of SD
3. Put your boot.dol/elf file in the root of your SD
4. SD(HC) card in, Wii on , Wii options > Data Management > Channels > SD Card
5. Message appears: ‘Load boot.dol/elf?’ > Yes… – Homebrew loads and you laugh at Nintendo!

Press SD Card A pop-up box will appear. Click yes.
Troubleshoot: (show)(hide)

– Try the obvious, remove disc, SD card formatted FAT16/32
– Make sure you\’ve gone on Wii Options, Not SD Menu! – Menus 4.0
– Make sure there are no other channels on the SD card
– Some Wiis are strange so try a different version available at the official Bannerbomb Website


Version en Castellano:
Wii4everybody de ninguna manera asumira la responsabilidad de cualquier daño que pueda ser causado a tu consola o el ordenador, desde los sitios externos de software. Lo hace bajo su propio riesgo!

Recientemente publicado por Comex, esta nueva exploit Wii permite a los propietarios de la consola Wii instalar el Homebrew Channel, o Cargar cualquier archivo .dol / Wii .elf compatibles , en su consola. Esto FUNCIONARA, repito, FUNCIONARA para instalar homebrew en el Sistema Menú 4.0 de Wii!

A diferencia del anterior fracaso de explotar el Twilight Hack, Bannerbomb causa un Banner malformado en la Wii y permite ejecutar código para cargar el boot.dol / elf en la raíz de la tarjeta SD.

Esto significa que la explotación requiere menos preparación y es aún más fácil de usar que la tristemente célebre, Twilight Hack – A sólo 5 sencillos pasos!

1. Tome su tarjeta SD / SDHC (menú 4.0) tarjeta, y haga una copia de seguridad de “private” o privado, (o solo cambie el nombre de la carpeta en la tarjeta SD).

2. Descargar este archivo, y extraigalo en la raíz de su SD

3. Pon tu archivo boot.dol / .elf en la raíz de tu SD

4. La tarjeta SD (HC) adentro, la Wii encendida, Ve a: Wii opciones> Gestión de Datos> Canales> Tarjeta SD

5. Aparece el mensaje: ‘Cargar boot.dol / elfo? ” > Sí … – Homebrew carga y a reírse de Nintendo!

Please also fill out the survey at the Bannerbomb Website
Favor de llenar la encuesta en el Sitio!

Buen dia!
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7 comentarios en “Bannerbomb exploit, in 5 steps (4.0 Compatible)”

  1. If you dont a good statement to share, please reserve your comments to yourself, there are FIVE files there that you need to try, and there is a lot of Wii Models that need one of those 5 files to work, if you have tried all 5 then please post, i have tried this this and that and then let us know what Wii Model or version you are using and post it not only here, but fill out the Survey on the bannerbomb site, dont be stupid and shae something useful… Good day!

  2. Good thing this site gave some more info about the Bannerbomb crack. These other tutorials explain about adding the private folder, but in all files I have downloaded I have not seen this game save file in my Zips (although bannerbomb does not use it, but the tutorials I have read explain the Twilight and bannerbomb as the same tutorial.My SD card currently has the boot.elf and content.bin in RootDir. Hopefully this is correct. My first Wii Nintendo was replaced entirely (Defect with Cd reader, they even kept my one of a Kind Wii remote, I would have rather kept it as broken), so I think I am going to have the newest version. I also got the motion sensor plus, which will have another update I am sure, so want to check if anyone else is using the motion sensor plus games. I read the comment about there being 5 files, but I only found 4. I got them off Wiki link to bannerbomb, but I renamed the Zips as 1-4 to keep track easier for me.Any additional information on errors and problems you had while using this will be useful. Will this effect my files currently saved? I plan to make a back up onto another 2Gig SD card, but I have a lot of games I already paid for on the Wii Shop Channel and some of them take some time to reload. I have a lot of other questions into more detail so if anyone has some Dev Experience, my email as name. Thanks

  3. I've set up a web site where i've assembled all the best wii hacking information available on the internets, visit my site at and you too will now be the proud owner of a fully hacked wii! I've also got a full tutorial on how to hack the wii ver 4.2 without the need for any kind of game, all you need is an SD card! All of this information is of course free!


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