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>cuanta imaginacion! para el Move Gun

>Despues de la conferencia del E3 de SONY, se mostraton algunas imagenes del accesorio o RAY GUN para el control de movimiento MOVE el cual luce algo raro (familiar).

El control se desliza al compartimento de arriba y el gatillo analogo boton T se alinea con el gatillo del RAY GUN. Al mismo tiempo, los botones del control MOVE se mantienen accesibles via un corte tipo ventana en su parte superior.

El diseño es particularmente interesante y ciertamente no es algo que esperasemos de SONY. con la bolita (nieve no incluida) al final del MOVE, se enciende azul cuando el gatillo es presionado. Podemos asustar “mostros” de noche y dispararle a las paredes, a mama y papa, incluso al gato mas de lo que disparariamos a la TV.

Los chicos de Engadget dijeron que se parece mas a las Ray guns usadas en las peliculas SCI FI de los 50s pero ustedes que opinan?



>Wii Move?


We stole the rumble.
We “Stole” the analog stick
We stole all of the third party developers
We kind of stole the sequel to Golden Eye
We WISH we had stolen RARE
Now We are Back!
What Nintendo Create, we take

Yes this is just a joke, but makes me wonder if this is really going to help Sony sell more PS3s. On my part the only reason to buy a ps3 is to play God of War 3 and a couple more games but the big reason is the blu ray and the media center for my wifi network.
Still i dont think this Move remote is going to make a difference, unless they get to steal create the Move Sports! or Kart games with GOOD characters, not just miis, well you know what i mean…

How to make your links tweak in blogger

how to make your links tweak (jump) in blogger.

Its same like making images tweak. Just editing a hover code and we are done. First, go to your Edit HTML section of your Layout and search for the following code:

a:hover {

Now replace the code with the code given below:

a:hover {
position: relative;
bottom: 5px;
left: 1px;

Now save the template and look at your page, the links tweaked man.

You can change the color of your link to your desired color when it tweaks. Also you can set your own parameters for your tweaking image by editing top and left pixels.
If you got any problems the just leave the comment and i will catch you.