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LA-MULANa Website Open! Wiiware Game

The independent developer Nicalis and Nigoro just opened the site for the upcoming WiiWare title LA-MULANA. In which you’ll find screenshot, videos and ofcourse a blog about the game.

You play as the archeologist, Dr. Lemeza Kosugi, exploring the ruins of LA-MULANA. As the adventure goes on you’ll stumble across the origin of man as well as life it self. But enough about that, check out the video to get some info about the gameplay.

Haven’t heard of Nicalis? Then you should in this very moment check out his site and find play those games.

here you can download the original pc version of LA-MULANA

Este juego saldra para Wiiware pero si no puedes esperar a jugarlo entonces descarga aqui la version de PC!