>How to install or Update to Wiiflow 2.2


The Wiiflow team has finally, publicly released Wiiflow 2.2.  The new version of Wiiflow includes several new features that make it a compelling choice for your USB loader like FAT/NTFS loading support, mp3 support, WIP patches, BCA codes (NSMBWii), in-menu nunchuck support, as well as an updated language.ini file.
If you’re updating from Wiiflow 1.x, don’t worry.  It’s as easy as pie xD

WiiFlow 2.2 Features:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • User friendly controls.
  • Stable (according to testers)
  • Doesn’t flicker on old TV’s
  • Compatibility with almost all games though some games require special attention.
  • Properly supports the 3 latest versions of Hermes’ IOS 222 (v2-5.1)
  • Properly supports the latest versions of Waninkoko’s IOS 249 (v14-19)
  • Comes in five (5) flavors : running under IOS 249, IOS 222, IOS 223, IOS 224, IOS 250
  • Parental control
  • Themes Support
  • Installed on HDD if you have a FAT partition
  • Sounds and music
  • Cover downloading, HQ (1024×680) and localized (WiiTDB.com)
  • Ability to display more than 100 covers on screen (HQ covers)
  • Loads games from WBFS, FAT32 and NTFS
  • Loads channels from the Wii’s NAND
  • Allows ocarina cheats in games
  • Allows automatically returning to a specified channel on exit
  • Ability to show fanart for each game (WiiFanArt.com)
  • Ability to view video trailers for each game.
  • Ability to sort games in up to 11 custom names categories.

Important Note: If you’re not versed with the jargon that this post uses, stop before installing anything and post a question first. BE VERY CAREFUL.

WiiFlow Requirements:

Important Note: Due to a lot of changes, also in the configuration files, you might experience problems when you upgrade your current version to this new version. In case you experience unexpected behavior, or a code dump, please try to start from fresh.

WiiFlow 2.2‎ ‎


As of WiiFlow 2.1 we now have the ability to upgrade your WiiFlow via the internet.

This is currently not an automatic process, select the “?” or About menu on your theme (bottom left icon on default theme).

Then Choose “Upgrade”, this will check and advise if there is a newer version and offer the ability to download it.

NOTE: If you use PriiLoader you must use a Forwarder DOL in order to use the update feature.

If you install the WiiFlow DOL in to PriiLoader the Update will not work.

Please see Loading Methods for further info on Forwarders and PriiLoader.

Upgrade from Wiiflow 1.1

Since Wiiflow 2.2 the configuration files have changed. The change was required to maintain a constant speed,
while the amount of options incremented.

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To upgrade your Wiiflow 1.1 installation to 2.2, you’ll have to take the following steps:

1. If the directory /apps/wiiflow/wiiflow exists, move it to /wiiflow.
2. Remove the directory /apps/wiiflow.
3. Remove the directories /wiiflow/themes.
4. Download the No Dol package from our Google Downloads page.
5. Extract the No Dol package in the root of your drive (it has a /wiiflow directory inside).
6. Download the correct wiiflow version for your wii, you can also find this on the Google Download page.
7. Extract the wiiflow zip file in the root of your drive (it has a /apps/wiiflow directory inside).

In short, you’ll have to make sure that all configuration files are deleted, you will have to start fresh. You can
keep the covers, boxcovers and cache directory. All other directories have been updated.

WiiFlow Installation

As with the original Wiiflow release, you have several options when installing Wiiflow 2.1.  You can run it off via the HBC or install it via a forwarder channel.  Each option has some pros and cons so pick your the installation method akin to your needs.
For complete details you can check out this page.
Now on with the installation.

Run Wiiflow via the Homebrew Channel

This is the simplest way to run Wiiflow but will leave you out of the more interesting features of the application.  Plus you’ll have to run wiiflow via HBC everytime instead of just clicking a channel.

  • Download the proper Wiiflow version you want to use (see above in the requirements)
  • Extract the WiiFlow archive to the “apps” folder on either your SD Card / Fat Partition on your Hard Drive.
  • Launch Wiiflow via the HBC

Simple right?

Run Wiiflow from via a Forwarder channel

A forwarder channel is simply a channel on your Wii Menu that launches Wiiflow.  It’s not the easiest way to install Wiiflow but it’s definitely the most rewarding.
Important Note: If you’re going to install Wiiflow on your SD Card, you need to have it on the slot everytime you boot up your Wii.
This is the most basic installation of WiiFlow:

  • Download the proper Wiiflow version you want to use (see above in the requirements)
  • Download the WiiFlow Forwarder Channel
  • Copy all the required files into your SD Card / Fat Partition on your Hard Drive
  • Extract the WiiFlow archive to the “apps folder on either your SD Card / Fat Partition on your Hard Drive
  • If done properly, you should get the following path
    1 SD:\wiiflow\language.ini
  • Connect your SD/HDD to your Wii and boot it up
  • Run the Homebrew channel and from it the WAD Manager.
  • Copy the boot.dol file from the Wiiflow directory (the one you’ve extracted in step 4) and place it on the root of your SD / hard drive.  If you’re upgrading your Wiiflow installation, you can skip this step if you’re going to use the same boot.dol or simply replace it with the one you’re going to use.
  • On the WAD Manager select the cIOS you wish to use (or simply the cIOS version of Wiiflow that you’ve downloaded) and install ‘WiiFlow-WFBJ(honey).wad’
  • Wait for the Installation to Finish and you’re done.

If you encounter any problems, just post a comment below!
Good day people!

Saludos gente!

Wiiflow Wiki
Spanish Instructions: Wiisos Instrucciones para instalar Wiiflow en español aqui (MUY COMPLETO)



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