>Castlevania Rondo of Blood on Virtual Console


Gameplay Images

https://i2.wp.com/media.nintendo.com/nintendo/bin/re0C_sy8xbcIfoGU3PwwImIPTAKDlBpQ/zZF9kp-F-AfrDLRkIBhjLSkIgz8g_5Eo.jpg https://i0.wp.com/media.nintendo.com/nintendo/bin/42JYCbYIQtHDsw1l-yYsWE7AOflM1I1j/kPyCgNB7wE47TbhqUgZTN_KA2idCkr-B.jpg

This is the tenth action-packed installment in the ever-popular Castlevania series, which depicts the epic struggle between the Belmont clan and the dark forces of Count Dracula! An instant classic, this title is recognized far and wide for its beautifully rendered world, outstanding game balance, and its haunting CD-quality game music!

The player takes control of RICHTER, the clan’s ultimate Vampire Killer, guiding him through a total of 9 stages filled with treacherous traps and hidden secrets.

Using your legendary whip, passed on from generations of Belmonts, and a powerful selection of Item Crash attacks, it’s up to you to destroy Dracula and his evil horde.

What’s more, rescuing MARIA at some juncture in the game allows you to use her as a playable character for even more vampire-slaying fun!


This game was not previously released on the TurboGrafx16 in the Western hemisphere. There may be nonessential material in the game that is unfamiliar to consumers, including foreign-language audio and text.

Import games may contain foreign language (audio and/or text) or other references that are unknown to consumers. 

Aqui les dejo un video que hice hace ya tiempo cuando todavia no salia oficialmente en la tienda:


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