>New colorful Shoot ‘em up announced

>Definition of the word Eclosion: The emergence of an adult insect from its pupal case, or the hatching of an insect larva from an egg. From the French eclosion, from eclore, to open.

It is also the title of the game of which I speak. If the game will have anything in common with the definition we are yet to see. Other then flashy graphics with many colors you can choice from playing single player or single player with a co-op touch. Which is a kind of an odd thing one might think. And nothing more is really explained about this weird feature.

But await many levels, upgradeable weapons/ships and a mix of modern tones and retro stuff coming straight out of the C64 for example.

Aun no estoy seguro si sera para Wii o sera para la tienda en linea del Wiiware, si alguien sabe favor de pasar el dato.


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