Firmware Updater 4.1 de Waninkoko

17/07/2009 por ( Waninkoko ) horario Español


Esta aplicacion te permite actualizar el firmware de tu consola instalando *unicamente* las actualizaciones mas importantes (IOS del sistema, System Menu, nuevos canales…).

Gracias a ello se pueden mantener ciertas caracteristicas como el bug Trucha que afecta a las primeras versiones de IOS.


Firmware Updater 4.1 Click here to Download the Firmware Updater 4.1 by Waninkoko

This application allows you to install the firmware in your console, allowing “only” the most important updates (IOS, System Menu, New Channels…).
Thanks to this you can Keep certain Characteristics like the Trucha Bug that affects the early IOS versions.


17 comentarios en “Firmware Updater 4.1 de Waninkoko”

  1. Debes tener el homebrew channel instalado en tu wii, ahora dentro de tu tarjeta SD crea una carpeta llamada apps, adentro de apps, crea otra carpeta con el nombre de wii updater 4.1, asegurate de meter el archivo .dol dentro de wii updater, renombra el archivo .dol a boot.dolAbre el homebrew channel, ejecuta la aplicacion mientras estes conectado a la RED WiFi de internet y descarga la actualizacion.

  2. everything worked fine, but the system menu still says 3.2E. is that normal? I also installed preloader, so any game (including sports resort) works without asking for any update (preloader hack is blocking updates). Is this normal?

  3. me sucede otra cosa, actualize ala version 4.0 con el firmware updater de wanikoko xq asi era la unica manera que me aceptara el firmware updater 4.1 sin q me salga error, pero al tratar de abrir el homebrew channel se queda la pantalla negra y no lo reconoce. entonces me toca mantener aplastadp power… q hago ???

  4. @ SaramiRNo other IOSs r Needed, then UPDATE with the Waninkoko Updater 4.1@Jose, si no necesitas el 4.1 mejor quedate con el 4.0, Utiliza el Waninkoko Updater para REGRESAR a la 4.0, si no es asi tu caso entonces intenta buscar en google algo con ese error que te da…Good day!

  5. @SaramiRFor you to brick your Wii its because you did not follow the steps in any install, and if you want to be able to backup your whole wii system and files use Bootmii, search for it here

  6. @OZO:Thanks. I wish you are not bored with me already :$I believe this will be my last questions, are there any steps for this installation? prompts maybe or something???What I understand is:-in sd/apps 2folders: 1 named IOS38 and 1 named update-from HBC, I should find these 2 folders so I select IOS38 first ( will it ask me questions or something? or it will run smoothly?)-After IOS38 is done, I will select the update from the HBC-It will connect to internet and download update. (will there be prompts?? like i hear that wii shop channel causes problems.. I dnt use it myself.. but will there be questions or smthng?)-After that, my wii should be updated.

  7. @SaramiRyes on ios38 it will ask you to select either a wad or network installation, choose network, make sure you are connected to the Wii WiFi network, there should be no problems caused,on the waninkoko firmware update it will give you a list of IOSs, choose yours carefully, if you are in america use U, if japan J, if on Europe or Brazil use E, its easy and you will learn fast, good day!

  8. Despues de instalar el update y me pidió reiniciar, se quedó la pantalla negra… Ya se murió el wii?–After I install this update and restart the wii, i just got a black screen. is my Wii already death? 😦


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