Wii update System Menu 3.4 workaround November 17

30dcf_wii_system_update_11172008_lg Nintendo unleashes Wii Menu 3.4, updates ToS and removes save files

Nintendo is at it again, unleashing yet another Wii Menu Update, rolling the system along to 3.4, as our glowing Wii just informed us. Aside from augmenting the Nintendo User Agreement, the new system update will also “check for and automatically remove” all “unauthorized modifications to save files.” Guess what, homebrew fans? The party is overforever put on hold for the time being.
This is basically all of the info we have right now, but we’re sure the homebrew community will step up soon with a response to this. You know how they hate it when Nintendo tries to stop them from running their homebrew.
As of November 17, 2008, Nintendo is sending notices to the Wii Message Board announcing the availability of Wii Menu 3.4. The announcement lists these changes:
  • USB keyboard support in Mii Channel
  • Enhanced parental controls
  • Twilight Hack version 0.1beta1 cannot be copied to the console.
Update appears to include IOS50 (used by menu) and IOS254 (a copy of IOS9, to block PatchMii).
Two other changes have been noted:
Improved SD card read/write speed
Improved disc reading
Update appears to include IOS50 (used by menu) and IOS254 (a copy of IOS9, to block PatchMii).

1 What is affected
1.1 Not affected
2 Message from Nintendo
2.1 North America
2.2 Japan
2.2.1 English Translation
3 Wii Network Service Privacy Policy Update

What is affected
Affected                                           Workaround
Twilight Hack 0.1beta1 and below   Twilight Hack 0.1beta2 only works with 3.4
PatchMii                                          None (yet, but should be easy)

Due to the above, PatchMii installs of DVDx None (as above, should be easy)

Not affected
The Homebrew Channel        (only if already installed)


  • CashMan has released Mii Channel Updater rev02. But this only updates your Mii Channel.
  • SoftChip has released an implementation of PatchMii to grab the new benefits from the System Menu 3.4 without actually installing the update. Such as the Mii Channel and IOS50. It’s a small adaptation of Tona‘s IOS51/Shop Channel installer which was used to fight the October 23 Update.

    • We’re working on the disassembly of the new system menu now. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring you all the benefits of a working 3.4 without any automatic updating or breakage of the twilight hack.

      • I think I’m gonna wait until then or when another official workaround has been found.

Keep an eye on Wii 4 Everybody for more on this as it’s made available. Please subscribe to our feeds or at this feed by clicking below on comments

Last updated November 25 2008

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