Activate Windows 7 build 6801 without a crack!

Already downloaded and installed Windows 7 Pre-Beta build 6801? You probably have to leave the product key field blank during installation in order to complete the setup of Windows 7. However, without proper activation, Windows 7, although it’s only an alpha release, can only be used for 30 days maximum (probably can use for up to 120 days as similar with activation free period of Vista with 3 rearms available – see how to rearm for more details).

People who is more nostalgic and loves to keep old things may have hit a jackpot lottery in the case of Windows 7 pre-beta activation. For Windows enthusiasts who still remembers, back in 2006, Microsoft launched Windows Vista Customer Preview Program (CPP) that gave out free beta (including beta 2) and RC (for RC1 and RC2) product key to users who participated. The Windows Vista Beta or RC1 product key arrived in the email that looked similar to this:

Please keep this e-mail for your records.
Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Windows Vista RC1. Your Product Key is included at the bottom of this message. You may install RC1 on up to 10 PCs using the same Product Key.
To help answer questions you may have related to installation and use, we have created newsgroups for Windows Vista RC1. To join or read postings in these newsgroups please visit
For the latest information on Windows Vista, please visit
Thank You,
Product Key:

In fact, the product key for Windows Vista beta or RC edition can be used to activate Windows 7 Pre-Beta build 6.1.6801.0. To do so, simply go back to the very very old email archive to search for email from that titled with subject of “Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Order Confirmation and Product Key”, “Microsoft Windows Vista RC1 Product Key” or other similar product key delivery email, and then get the product key in the email. The testing product key can be used to activate up to 10 PCs using the same product key.
To activate Windows 7 online, just enter the product key in Control Panel -> System and Security – System Properties by clicking on Activate Windows now or Change product key link. However, do note that for Windows 7 pre-beta build version 6801, even after permanently activated, the operating system will still expire on August 1, 2009.

Once activated (product key in entered and installed into the system), users gain ability to send feedback or bug report of Windows 7 beta to Microsoft through the built-in “Send feedback” program. If your feedback is valuable, who knows Microsoft may award you with a free copy of Windows 7 with genuine product key when it’s officially launched, just like Microsoft gave away Windows Vista Ultimate to its beta testers who provided feedback.
I have already used my previous RC1 key that worked flawlessly on Windows 7 build 6801 and i had  spare wich i gave to a lucky guy today… 

Now for the fun part! Activate the new Hidden Superbar more details here
Good day people!

14 comentarios en “Activate Windows 7 build 6801 without a crack!”

  1. Hello! John if you wouldn’t mind sharing your key I’d be indebted. 🙂 So far I’m liking Windows 7! If you still have it, my email is hippie69 at gmail dot com. Even in its unfinished state I like the new taskbar, finally a taskbar that can be useful if used vertical. Also, I heard they will stretch it over 2 monitor for us dual screeners. Thank for the great post Ozlo.

  2. Hey… Ozlo, I read this post (here you said the If we posted here you may give us a key? I really like Windows 7 and Have been a Long time Reader of your blog. If you would grace me With a Product Key so I can activate Windows 7, I would be forever indebted to you.Please Get back to me! Even if it is just to say no. :)Regards,Cyanide Cloud

  3. Woot, thank you Ozo. You have just earned yourself a new reader. I’ve never subscribed to a blog before, so I might be a lil slow. 🙂 Thanks a bunch. You get a cookie.


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